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Plattsmouth Garden Club

Welcome to the Plattsmouth Garden Club

Come Grow with Us


If you love the smell and feeling of warm earth in your hands; if you love to nurture plants, reap their bounty and immerse yourself in their beauty; if you love the opportunity to participate in community outreach, fellowship, education and travel, we invite you to join us. 

We are an eclectic group who all love to garden.  We are young gardeners and we are older then young gardeners.  We have members who are involved in every aspect of the club and we have members who may only attend a meeting or two.  Your degree of participation is in your hands. The glue that holds us all together is the gardening experience

The Plattsmouth Garden Club recognizes the impact you have in the garden, in the community and beyond. 

Mission Statement

This club is organized exclusively for educational, charitable and scientific purposes.  The purpose of the club shall be to promote gardening and beautification projects within the city of Plattsmouth and surrounding areas, and foster programs that promote further growth and vitality of the organization.


You are invited to

Come Grow with Us

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