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Plattsmouth Garden Club
ByLaws and Policy Sheet

The Plattsmouth Garden Club was organized in 1934 and federated in 1935.  Plattsmouth Garden Club is a member of the National Garden Clubs, Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska, Rocky Mountain Region and District XIII.


This club is organized exclusively for educational, charitable and scientific purposes.  The purpose of the club shall be to promote gardening and breautification projects within the city of Plattsmouth and surrounding areas, and foster programs that promote further growth and vitality of the organization.


The membership of this club shall be open to all who enjoy gardening.  In order to recognize the contributions of former members, a member may be transferred to a category known as 'Honorary Members'.  The Honorary Member shall not be included in thh total membership count nor shall the Honorary Member have voting privileges and shall not be included in a quorm count at any meeting at which the Honory Member is present nor pay any membership dues.  Members receiving Honorary Member status typically include former members who move away or are in poor health yet who desire an on-going relationship with the club.  The transfer to Honory Member status may be initited at the request of the member and a vote of the club.


The annual dues shall be determined by the club's membership upon advice of the Executive Committee and prepaid at the March meeting.  The calendar year is from April 1st through March 31st.


The Nominating Committee shall select the slate of officiers to be presented and voted on at the March meeting.  Nominations may also be accepted from the floor.  The officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and immedicate Past President.  The officers shall hold office for one year beginning April 1st following their election.

The President shall be responsible for running the business meeting and shall act as chair of the Executive Committee.  On the recommendation of the Executive Committee, The President shall appoint officers to fill remaining terms when offices are vacated.  Each year, before the April meeting, the President shall arrange with the members a schedule of meeting hosts for the coming year.  The President shall arrange for an annual audit for the club's financial records by an independent party each March.

The Vice President shall be responsible for running the business meeting of the club in the absence of the President and shall fulfill the remaining term of the President should he/she be unable to complete the term of office.  The Vice President will automatically step into the position of Presidency at the end of the first year term.

The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at the business and executive committee meetings and distributing them to the membership.  The Secretary shall be responsible for membership records and communications pertaining to prospective members.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the club's financial holdings that may include dues, gifts, receipts and reporting to the club on said financial holdings.

The immediate Past President shall act as Nominating Committee Chair.  He/she shall provide historical perspective and advice to the current President.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers and the immediate Past President.  The Executive Committee may conduct urgent club business between meetings.


The regular meetings of this club shall be held on the second Monday per month and in the evening meetings only in the homes of members or any place designated for the stated meeting.  The March meeting shall be the annual meeting at which election of officers will take place.  Special meetings may be called by the President or upon the request of any members.

Speaker fees are a maximum up to $50.00.


A minimum of six (6) members present including at least two (2) officers present shall constitute a quorum.


A minimum of (6) members present, including at least (2) officers present shall constitute a quorum.


This club may be dissolved by a three-fourths (3/4) majority of voting members at a special meeting of the organization called for the said purpose of dissoltion.

Upon dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed to the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska or for one or more charitable of public purposes.

Plattsmouth Garden Club
Policy Sheet

 1.  Upon the death of a garden club member, the Secretary/Courtesy Correspondence Officer will send condolences to the family with a sympathy card and $50.00 memorial donation.  The placement of Memorial Plaques placed on Garfield Park benches is discontinued.


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